You can declutter your life and
find the path to simple living

Ever felt these concerns weighing you down?


The struggle of the mental load to remember the whole family’s schedule


An overflowing to-do list that never seems to get any shorter


Constantly feeling like all you do is pick up after your kids


Never being able to fully relax in your own home


Feeling completely overwhelmed to the point where you almost can’t breathe

You’re not alone.

Mama guilt is real and we’ve all felt it.

Throughout my decluttering journey I’ve been able to carve out a path to choose happy as I embrace a simple living lifestyle.

I firmly believe we each have the power to change our lives. Sometimes you just need a helping hand and a non-judgemental cheerleader in your corner. 

That’s where I come in.  

Hi, I’m Mel

I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and two kids. Like most mums, life is busy and back in 2016, I was completely overwhelmed with the number of possessions surrounding us. 

Spurred into action I began to declutter my entire home. The benefits were immediate. I felt less stressed, more present and finally started to feel like I could breathe again.

I discovered my passion for decluttering and while I’m a minimalist, my family is certainly not. So yes, I still battle the normal challenges of family clutter and still harbour a homewares addiction, so balance is the real key.

When you have a family, radical minimalism can be unrealistic. So I coach others to focus on decluttering their home and simplifying their way to a happier life that suits THEM. 

You don’t have to do it all alone

As a mother you already have a huge mental load juggling the demands of work, family and managing a household. You carry the bulk of the household responsibilities and are desperate to find balance and create a fulfilling life for yourself and your family. But trying to do it all at once, simply isn’t possible. No matter how hard we try. The Instagram worthy home and family is not the reality of the day to day running of a household.

But with a little guidance and a supportive coach, the change you crave for you and your family is within reach.

Take the first step to a decluttered life.