Today’s podcast was so much fun to record! I have a very special guest. Her name is Marylin and she is the brilliant mind and heart behind the brand Rossanos Casa. She helps busy foodies get out of their at home cooking rut with her no-brainer monthly meal planner for restaurant quality deliciousness at home. Her mission is to help working women become an organised homemaker with ease by taking the stress and overwhelm out of the juggle and thinking.

In this episode we discuss decluttering (my favourite topic) and how to keep is simple and easy in the kitchen. We also recorded another podcast episode for Marylin’s podcast, The Woo in Food, so make sure you listen to it when it goes live next Monday!

Make sure you go and subscribe to Marylin’s podcast, The Woo in Food (links in shownotes) and listen to our second podcast episode which is going live on The Woo in Food podcast channel on Monday!

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